Steve Stomel
Founder & CEO

Bringing Flexibility to Warehouse Management

A high performing warehouse is an essential component of a reliable supply chain and helps a company to build trust with its customers. Reliability and dependability are key factors that make a company trustworthy in their customers eyes. To help companies gain trust from their customers, ProCat Distribution Technologies, a US-based technology development company offers a suite of modular software solutions that enhance employee performance in all the core job functions in a warehouse. The ProCat solutions assure that all the company’s products will be processed perfectly as they efficiently flow through the building. The result is consistently perfect deliveries which serves as the foundation for a highly satisfied customer base. A big win for both companies and customers.

ProCat offers modular warehouse solutions for distribution centers. Its unique, modular architecture allows companies to have flexibility with their technology investments. PickRight addresses the critical order picking function in the warehouse and is generally the first solution ProCat customers implement. Companies can then choose which ProCat module to implement next based on their timeline and business needs.

" ProCat solutions are improving employee performance in distribution centers all across the United States. "

PickRight, the company’s order picking solution, has fully integrated barcode scanning technology that drives accuracy and productivity. Customers report that after implementing PickRight they achieve 99.9% order picking accuracy. They also benefit from 20-40% increases in employee productivity, and a 90% reduction in customer claims due to picking errors. These results combine to produce a 100% ROI in less than one year. ProCat’s other software modules are built upon the PickRight solution and work together to provide comprehensive, end-to-end warehouse management. The solutions help make distribution centers paperless.

An Innovative Leader

Steve Stomel is the Founder and CEO of ProCat Distribution Technologies. He started his career in the convenience distribution industry where he identified the need for distribution centers to operate more efficiently. He founded ProCat in 2001 with the mission of improving distribution centers operations with the use of technology. The result for companies that have utilized ProCat’s solutions is a better run operation, enhanced customer service levels, and significant savings. For nearly 20 years, ProCat Distribution Technologies has been delivering millions of dollars in savings to distribution centers across the United States.

Well Defined Solution

PickRight is ProCat’s hands-free barcode scanning order picking solution for distribution centers. PickRight can accommodate 4 to 100 order pickers – so operations can easily scale up as a company grows. It seamlessly integrates with all ERP systems and allows for real-time label printing. An expansive reporting suite that gives management real time visibility into their operations is part of the PickRight Solution. There are no additional charges for software updates or for support from company’s U.S.-based help desk.

Easy to Procure and Integrate

ProCat is creating an impact for its customers with a cost effective, fast and easy solution which delivers tremendous improvements to their operation. PickRight does not require a WMS and is usually installed 8 weeks from time of commitment. The fast and easy installation only takes 1 week. Deployment occurs one pick area at a time for minimal disruption to on-going operations. Pickers are fully trained in less than one shift. Recruiting workers is easier with PickRight since companies can hire workers with less skills.

After implementing PickRight in the order picking area, customers typically expand technology to their outbound operations, with ProCat’s LoadRight and ShipRight modules, or to their incoming operations, with ProCat’s ReceiveRight and CountRight modules. The results have been game changing for small to mid-size distributors. One of ProCat’s newest solutions which is quickly gaining acceptance in the market is IncentRight, a straight forward pay-for-performance solution designed to improve and reward worker productivity.

Sustaining Competitive Advantage

The time it takes for a company to decide to buy technology to improve their warehouse can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years. ProCat offers a leasing option for smaller operations that have 6 or less order pickers as a way for these companies to experience the benefits of the technology with a very small capital investment. While large companies may adopt expensive robotics, small to mid-sized companies will be able to benefit from ProCat’s cost effective solutions. The future will be warehouses without paper and ProCat is helping to make paperless warehouses a reality for its customers.

Solving Food Service Challenges

Food and beverage companies nationwide are benefitting from the immediacy and accuracy of PickRight and the special functionality it holds for these industries. PickRight allows food companies to validate expiration dates and capture temperatures. Product catch weights and production lots can also be captured. This information can be automatically extracted from GS1 barcodes during the picking process using the PickRight barcode scanning technology. The company’s technology has been particularly helpful to food companies needing to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) enhanced record keeping requirements.

TrackRight, an additional ProCat module, is a data mart that allows for long term data storage and reporting for use in support of product recalls and regulatory audits. PickRight features easy to use picker prompts. It accommodates the majority of picking methods typically used in warehouses including basic picking, batch picking, consolidated pallet picking, zone picking, wave picking, and team picking. It works effectively in both full case pack and repack operations.


“PickRight was our solution to a costly problem: mispicks. To help our order selectors with accuracy, we chose PickRight with barcode scanning accuracy. After only a short time, we knew PickRight was the right solution.” Lou Zucca; L.J. Zucca, Inc., Vineland, NJ

“Based on PickRight’s cost, we have experienced a 12 month return on investment, which is great! It’s a wonderful system. I wish we would have installed it sooner.” Steve Douglas; Douglas Distributing, Conway, Arkansas

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Steve Stomel, Founder & CEO


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