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Joseph T. Rogers, founder and CEO of WorkDone.AI, is a Harvard-educated serial entrepreneur with over two decades of successful experience consulting to multinationals as well as building successful businesses within the enterprise content and process management arenas. Joe’s passion is ideating innovative technology approaches allowing organizations to overcome business challenges that result in reduced operating costs, streamlined operations, and increased competitive advantage.

“Machine learning allowed me to automate myself as a consultant,” shares Rogers. “After many years of onsite Enterprise Content Management/Business Process Management consulting to over 30 companies all over the US and across multiple continents, the next step in my entrepreneurial evolution was to create WorkDone, a Corporate Memory/Digital Workforce Platform.” Joe’s varied experiences have brought him to this very exciting point in time.

" We are pleased to announce that WorkDone’s first customer goes into production in mid-2019 with an Invoice Agent automating transactions into SAP. "

By leveraging WorkDone’s patent-pending Expertise Capture™ technology, organizations can seamlessly train software agents to automate transactions between major SaaS platforms with no client-side training or programming required, thereby solving the age-old problem of knowledge walking out the door when someone retires or changes jobs.

In only a short period of time, WorkDone has created a previously non-existent market in the area of institutional knowledge and corporate memory. With 75 million Baby Boomers inevitably heading toward retirement, companies agree that filling the workforce gap and retaining departing skillsets are huge challenges that require addressing. Employers must clearly develop various workforce strategies for replacing exiting workers. WorkDone bridges the knowledge gap through the convergence of machine learning, business process management, content analytics, and blockchain to form the foundation for Work Heuristics Management™. This is defined as the practice of capturing customer-specific expertise for retention, analysis and repurposing with the goal of retaining operational best practices and work process automation.

WorkDone’s transparent means of learning and retaining knowledge worker expertise facilitates the storage of operational best practices, or work heuristics, in a persistent corporate memory. The work heuristics in turn drive virtual processors (Agents), freeing up knowledge workers to do higher value, more strategic work.

“We are pleased to announce that WorkDone’s first customer goes into production in mid-2019 with an Invoice Agent automating transactions into SAP,” shares Rogers. Centered on the back office, WorkDone is focusing on ERP applications and moving to adjacent use cases from there. “WorkDone’s distribution channels of only top-tier SaaS platform partners/resellers with existing customer bases will generate long-term marketing momentum, like a flywheel. Additionally, we expect to experience network effects from participation in 3rd party SaaS marketplaces which will create a sustainable long-term advantage in the area of Work Heuristics Management.”

“We are proud that WorkDone was created as a PBC (public benefit corporation),” explains Joe. “Our mission is two-fold: to populate corporate memory through retained work heuristics, as well as to ensure that all WorkDone services are developed ethically in order to facilitate the transition of the workers displaced by AI to their next area of vitality, whatever that may be.”

The key to WorkDone’s early success is the startup team. “I firmly believe in giving internal staff the freedom and resources they need to do their jobs the way they want; consequently, I’m a hands-off manager,” adds Rogers. “Similarly, with WorkDone, I am confident that our clients will create Agents to perform work between platforms that I haven’t even dreamed of. It’s very exciting!”


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Joe Rogers, Founder & CEO


WorkDone automates passive & active processes using our Expertise Capture technology to create customer specific work heuristics.

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