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The Future of Language Learning
By Carsten Peters, Language Mining Company

I have been a language learner as long as I can remember. On average I spend 1-2 hours daily on learning languages. I do different activities, use all kinds of tools, and I switch languages to keep myself motivated...

The Bermuda Triangle: poor financial knowledge
By Steven Tait, Senior Consultant, EY

Nowadays, retail companies and their CRM providers are increasingly looking into innovative ways to enrich the stock of knowledge about their customers. Get to know your customers is a crucial aspect for every ...

By Martin Mellor ACMA, Senior Finance Management Specialist, Nottingham Trent University

When your business is first starting out, accounting tasks may initially be conducted by your core staff, with managers or even general office staff taking the reins of your day-to-day financial responsibilities.

How to spare money doing trade marketing? A case for pharmaceutical companies
By Andre Bergmann, Key-Account-Manager, Navicon

Conducting marketing activities at the points of sale and permanent sale promotion via partner network require solid investment. How to plan successful marketing campaigns and assess their efficiency? Our answer is in the article of Evgeniy Golubitskiy, Product Head at the Department of Innovations, Navicon.

Stop selling and start educating
By Jason Sayen, Director of Business Development, LK & Associates

In a world that is transparent, globally connected and where information is available at our fingertips, education has become a more important part of the sales process than ever before across all industries.

Considerations for the Enterprise drone user
By Mike Albang, CPA, CFA, VP Finance, Costanoa Ventures

We invest in the very early stages of a company when most founders don’t prioritize a finance hire and precious cash is reserved (rightfully so) for engineers and product hires. As things progress, company resources are focused on sales, marketing and customer success to capitalize on early customer traction. Finance is not a high priority and often not deliberately planned.

A College Grad’s Biggest “Adulting” Challenge: Managing Money
By Kenny Soto, Student Of The Internet, VaynerMedia

I am not a financial expert nor a certified financial advisor, so please take this article as sheer anecdotal evidence. These are the resources I used to get out of debt and manage my finances. What works for me will be completely different for you.

Advanced Service as a New Business Model for Manufacturing
By Ali Ziaee Bigdeli, Senior Research Fellow, Aston Business School

Earlier this week, I gave a keynote talk at the Future Manufacturing Conference 2017 at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh. The conference was organised by the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS), and the key theme was around the impacts of Industry 4.0 on the manufacturing operations.

Big data in the healthcare & pharmaceutical market is estimated to witness a strong growth rate by 2030
By Sukumari Shorey, Manager - Digital Marketing, Radiant Insights

Global big data in the healthcare & pharmaceutical market is estimated to witness a strong growth rate during the forecast years (from 2017 to 2030). The term big data describes large data sets.

Can Southeast Asia capitalize on artificial intelligence?
By Diaan-Yi Lin, Senior Partner & Managing Partner, McKinsey

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can benefit Southeast Asia in many ways, from making much-needed services more accessible, to enhancing the quality of jobs across the region. Attaining these improvements won’t be easy, but positive outcomes will be more likely if the right investments, education programs, and policies are in place.

Collaboration in the Cloud - A Unified Theory
By Mark Mader, President & CEO, Smartsheet Inc.

In the first article of this series, I posited that a meaningful strategy for accomplishing collaborative work in the cloud can only be achieved by thinking more holistically than has traditionally been the case.

Hosted vs. Cloud PBX & why it matters to know the difference in large UCaaS deployments
By Brad Carrell, IT/Telecom Solutions Consultant

With over 250+ Hosted/Cloud PBX providers out there you should know what you are really buying when you peel the onion layers off. This article was written with Enterprise IT departments in mind.

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